Research Projects

Vision Engineering Italy srl is fully dedicated to the research and development of new methods and tools for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Marco and Giuseppe Lombardo are working on some of the major technological adavancements for the early detection of corneal and retinal diseases, such adaptive optics and two-photon optical microscopy. Some of these projects are  carried out in collaboration with institutes and industries active in vision and eye care. Our  collaborations

Vision Engineering Italy srl is also actively engaged in research and development of innovative solutions for the treatment of keratoconus and corneal stem cell deficiency. The team uses to publish the results of this research in major scientific journals.  Our publications

New methods for the early diagnosis of the retina and optic nerve diseases

Development of automated methods for evaluating the health and integrity of retinal cell photoreceptors in adaptive optics retinal images. This work is aiming at detecting retinal diseases early in their onset and monitoring their progression on a much shorter time scale than current mainstream diagnostic tools.

Devices and methods for the treatment of corneal diseases

Study and development of new transepithelial corneal cross-linking protocols for the treatment of keratoconus and low myopia.

strumentazione diagnostica

Devices for the early diagnosis of corneal diseases

Study and development of new techniques and devices for imaging the anterior segment of eye at high-resolutions.

Stem cell therapy

Research and development of new methods for cultivating and monitoring corneal limbal stem cells theraphy.