Pediatric Ophthalmology

Taking care of the babies’ eyes

Dr. Marco Lombardo and his staff provides the best care on the eyes of your child. In ophthalmology, prevention is very important. It is mandatory to evaluate each child before the age of three years old. In babies, a simple refractive defect or a squint, can cause the so-called “lazy eye” or amblyopia.


amblyopia-300x204Amblyopia, the scientific word for ” lazy eye”, is due to the absence of sensory stimuli to the brain during the first years of life. Amblyopia is also linked to a large difference in refraction between the two eyes. For example, one eye works perfectly and the other sees blurred objects. The brain ignores the eye with blurred vision and only develops the eye with normal sight. This process can be well corrected with anti-amblyopic therapy.


Strabismo-infantileSquinting is a deviation of the visual axes of the eye globes. Esotropia is when the eye turns inwards and Exotropia when the eye turns outwards. The angle of the squint can vary and can be present for both long and short sighted vision. Almost all squints arise at a young age and their early detection is fundamental for successful medical and/or surgical treatment.

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