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The corneal photochemotherapy with VETUVIR is safe and effective for treating infectious keratitits and septic corneal ulcers. It consists in irradiating, with an ultraviolet light (UV-A), the cornea after adequate tissue soaking with VISIOFLAVIN, which is a photosensitive solution enriched with riboflavin. The corneal photochemotherapy with VETUVIR has a direct bactericidal action (peroxidation of cell membranes) and strengthens the corneal tissue by counteracting bacterial collagenolytic activity (photo-polymerization of stromal proteins). The corneal photochemotherapy with VETUVIR is performed in a single operating session, lasting 23 minutes, of which 20 minutes for corneal soaking with VISIOFLAVIN (hypotonic riboflavin 0.1% solution) and 3 minutes for UV-A corneal irradiation at 30 mW/cm2.

VETUVIR  is used in combination with VISIOFLAVIN  for the most effective clinical outcome.

Keratitis is a common infectious disease of the cornea, which can result, if left untreated, in corneal ulceration with risk of blindness. Currently, therapy consists of frequent and prolonged daily administration of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops. The effectiveness of therapy varies greatly according to the initial clinical presentation, the individual response and the frequency of outpatient visits. In addition, antibiotic resistance is a constantly growing phenomenon. The use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine is opening serious ethical conflicts.


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