Chromo4Vis is the first theranostics device in eye-care. It makes practice the shift from “same-treatment-for-all” approach to personalized medicine by enabling each patient to receive tailored and precise therapies.

Based on theranostics, Chromo4Vis opens a revolutionary concept in eye care, which is currently tested and promoted for corneal cross-linking.

Solving the un-met medical needs in halting keratoconus progression

Keratoconus is a progressive, bilateral, ectatic corneal disease, characterized by stromal thinning and weakening that leads to corneal distortion. Visual loss occurs in young ages, primarily from irregular astigmatism and myopia, and secondarily from corneal scarring. Currently, keratoconus represents the first cause of corneal transplantation in young adults worldwide.

Over the past decade, corneal cross-linking has been increasingly used as treatment option for the management of progressive keratoconus. Efficacy of corneal cross-linking for the management of keratoconus is assessed by comparing postoperative corneal topography with baseline measurements over 1-year after treatment. On average, stable or significantly flattening of the maximum corneal curvature has been shown in 70% of cases treated, with an average failure rate of 10% one year after treatment.

Despite more recent cross-linking procedures are safer than the conventional treatment, they show a failure rate higher than 50%. This high rate of failure is related to the different riboflavin ophthalmic solutions, the intrinsic biophysical variability of the corneal tissue and the number of different cross-linking protocols.

Non-invasive real-time measurement of the amount of riboflavin in the corneal stroma will lead to precise and effective corneal cross-linking treatment on a personal basis, regardless of the cross-linking protocol performed by the surgeon.


Efficacy of corneal cross-linking is limited by many variables that are intrinsically related to the corneal tissue and the number of different treatment protocols.


Non-invasive in vivo measurement of the amount of riboflavin in the corneal stroma can lead to accurate and effective corneal cross-linking treatment on a personal basis. Chromo4Vis is the response to this need.

The Technology

Chromo4Vis represents a novel generation of non-invasive ophthalmic devices with the ability to measure treatment safety and efficacy in real time. This groundbreaking technology aims to perform precision and personalized medicine by assisting in real time the surgeon to deliver the right dose of riboflavin and the correct UV-A power energy to the eye under treatment.


How it Works

By illuminating the cornea soaked with riboflavin, Chromo4Vis monitors its concentration in real time. Thanks to Chromo4Vis the surgeon knows exactly how much riboflavin is delivered to the corneal stroma and what is the amount of riboflavin consumed during UV-A corneal irradiation. This patented technology also provides an estimation of treatment efficacy in real time, which is beyond currently available technologies.