Scientific advice

Vision Engineering Italy provides medical and scientific consulting service to entities, companies and investment funds active in the field of ophthalmology.

Our services include:

  • Enhancing the scientific research for the development of new drugs and medical devices;
  • identifying the most suitable paths and models for the company project, also through networking activities at national and international level.
  • supporting the search for funding, project drafting and verification of compliance with the requirements and rules of the specific calls.

Support for research & development for third parties

Vision Engineering Italy is specialized in the management and enhancement of scientific research for the development of new drugs and medical devices in ophthalmology.

Preclinical support

Vision Engineering Italy has the know-how to satisfy every customer’s need that aims to develop new drugs or medical devices with the sole purpose of optimizing their final products. Our experience and reputation in the field of research and development in ophthalmology is guarantee of success.

Clinical support

We provide consultancy service to desing the most appropriate study protocol for assessing safety and efficacy of new drugs or medical devices for the treatment of eye diseases.

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    Vision Engineering Italy serves to industrial innovation in Ophthalmology

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