Vision Engineering Italy srl

The research activities of Vision Engineering Italy srl are directed towards the improvement of the eye surgical techniques, such as phacoemulsification, corneal transplantation, corneal cross linking and laser refractive surgery. Vision Engineering Italy srl aims to introduce innovative methods and techniques for the early diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, including adaptive optics and nanotargeted drug delivery.

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Vision Engineering Italy srl is a biotech company, founded in Rome in January 2014. The mission is to innovate the methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of debilitating diseases, with special emphasis on diseases of the visual system.

The staff of Vision Engineering Italy srl is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach to the research and development of new products and devices, involving experts in optics and photonics, computer science, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, biology and eye specialists.


The statuary objectives of Vision Engineering srl Italy include the innovation, research and development, production, marketing, installation and maintenance of systems, products and services for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases.
In addition, the company carries out for third parties:
– the study, scientific research, development, design and technical support of methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the visual system;
– advisory services and assistance in the field of innovation, transfer and protection of biotechnology.

Staff Vision Engineering Italy srl

  • Ing. Giuseppe Lombardo

    Chief Technical Officer

    Ing. Giuseppe Lombardo is an electronic engineer, specializing in Biomedical Engineering. He is an expert of modeling and simulation of the mechanical behavior and biology of the microstructures eyepieces. Designer of new models for the study of corneal and retinal microstructure. It is responsible for a research project and the development of a brand new method of cross linking corneal for the treatment of keratoconus.

  • Dr. Marco Lombardo

    Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Marco Lombardo is ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, working in Rome. He is the CEO of Vision Engineering Italy S.r.L. and he is responsible for various assorted experimental and clinical research projects on laser refractive surgery, femtosecond laser-assisted corneal surgery, corneal cross linking, stem cells therapy, adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy.

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