Chromo4Vis is co-founded by POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020

The Programma Operativo Regionale Fondo Europeo Sviluppo Regionale, or POR-FESR, is the instrument through which Lazio region, thanks to €14 millons made available by the European Union, has the scope to reinforce and sustain the growth of the regional firms, favoring the application of the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in all the specialization areas of the regional Smart Specialisation, including Life Sciences.

Vision Engineering Italy srl is one of the selected firm by Lazio Region for this growth program.

The POR FESR Lazio funding allows Vision Engineering Italy srl to engineer Chromo4Vis, which is the first available theranostic device for treating keratoconus, for CE approval.

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