Il Progetto Chromo4Vis riceve il contributo Brevetti+ da Invitalia

Vision Engineering Italy è lieta di comunicare che il progetto di industrializzazione di Chromo4Vis è stato selezionato da Invitalia Spa tra i vincitori del bando Brevetti +. Il contributo è concesso per la valorizzazione del brevetto “apparato di controllo del dosaggio di un agente cromoforo in un tessuto corneale e procedimento per dosare un agente cromoforo in un tessuto corneale” cui fa capo l’innovativo dispositivo medico di teranostica Chromo4Vis per la cura personalizzata del cheratocono. Grazie all’agevolazione, Vision Engineering Italy completerà l’industrializzazione del prodotto per la certificazione CE.

copertina Graefe

New evidences on efficacy of Chromo4Vis

The third paper on our breakthrough technology has been recently e-published on Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol.  It can downloaded at the researchgate webiste.

Chromo4Vis assists the surgeon to obtain the most effective intended outcome regardless of the procedures used during corneal cross-linking.

Learn about theranostics and the future of image-guided corneal cross-linking for precise therapy of keratoconus and corneal ectasia.

Vision Engineering Italy is innovating eye care with smart solutions!

foto Marco sala 1

Preclinical results on the innovative image-guided corneal cross-linking for keratoconus

Dr. Marco Lombardo will present the preclinical results on efficacy of Chromo4Vis at the VIII “Segmant” Course on diagnostics and therapy of keratoconus that will be held in Naples on September 27th 2019.

Chromo4Vis is the first medical device for the personalized treatment of keratoconus; it will provide surgeons with image-guided corneal cross-linking to tailor treatment to each patient and to achieve 100% efficacy and safety for all!

The Course will be held at the Monaldi Hospital in Naples from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on Friday 27th September.

Premio Lazio 2030

Vision Engineering Italy awarded by Lazio region

Vision Engineering Italy awarded as one of the most innovative firms in Lazio region. The award has been given to the co-founders and brothers, Marco and Giuseppe Lombardo.

Vision Engineering Italy has patented and developed the first available theranostic medical device for treating one of major eye disorders, keratoconus, which is the primary cause of corneal transplant worlwide.

“Research and innovation is our conscious choice to create value in our Country” the founders commented during the award ceremony.